Kids and Teens Fun Fit

Come Join Us!

Join the fun!  What is Kids’ Fun Fit? — These classes are specifically designed with your growing child in mind.  The classes focus on healthy lifestyle choices as well as the importance of staying active.  Each day the work out is designed to develop balance, accuracy, and strength.  Skills are chosen with the developmental needs of growing kids in mind.  Classes are not just simplified adult workouts.  Each class ends with a team building game to encourage team work and end with a fun experience!

Looking for a better after school activity for your child? — A way to stay in shape between sports seasons or get in shape before a sport? — This is the perfect way to keep your child active.

Now Accepting Home School Vouchers!

Our program is currently an approved vendor for Inspire Charter School and Julian Charter.  Are you a member of a different charter?  Ask us and we will take the necessary steps to become a vendor.

Schedule and Pricing

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

9-13 Years Old ~ 3:30pm

6-9 Years Old ~ 4:15pm

Classes are pre-purchased in the following increments:

2o Classes ~ $120

10 Classes ~ $80

5 Classes ~ $50

1 month unlimited Classes ~ $120

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