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The G.Y.M in Alpine
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Find out what makes us awesome!
  • A fun, family-like environment and a relaxed atmosphere
  • Reach your goals faster with the support and guidance of a personal trainer with each workout
  • Functional fitness with a focus on movements you do on a daily basis
  • Injury recover and prevention
  • Friendly and supportive accountability
  • Non-competitive, no "clicks", leave your ego at the door.  We are all here to support each other and the only person you compete with is yourself  
  • Work out at your own pace, with activities tailored to your ability
Meet Todd and Jenna
Todd is a wealth of information and experience. He is your coach and your biggest cheerleader. He is the glue that holds our wonderful workout family together and our members adore him and his beautiful wife Jenna.   
Some Todd facts:
  •  Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
  •  Kids CrossFit Trainer
  •  USA Weightlifting Certified
  •  Certified Personal Trainer through National Exercise and Sports Training
  •  Sports Nutrition Certificate through National Exercise and Sports Training
  •  Degree in Biology from UCSD with an emphasis on nutrition 
The Gym in Alpine also has four additional Crossfit trained coaches as well as a yoga instructor. 
Love Notes....

Shanda Escoto

 was introduced to Todd at The Alpine Gym by my chiropractor. I was recovering from a soft tissue injury in my upper hamstring, and it was taking FOREVER to heal. I was getting impatient and eager to see some real improvement. I felt like my life was on hold because I had been in pain for so long. My chiropractor felt confident that Todd could make a difference and boy was he right!
I first stopped into the Gym on a Saturday and explained the injury to Todd. I was impressed with his knowledge of anatomy and how everything works together. He had me go through a few movements so he could get an idea of my strength, flexibility, and limitations. Within a few minutes, I felt he heard me, and understood exactly what my injury was and had specific recommendations to help with recovery. (Which is more than I can say for the doctor I went to who was quite vague) That first day I did a very simple workout and was surprised to be sore the next morning.
Fast forward a month. I have been working out more and more consistently with Todd, and my hamstring pain is about 75% gone. I also had some rotator cuff pain flair up a few months ago (probably arthritis), and that has greatly improved too. He has been so helpful with modifying activities to match my level and ability, while still getting a complete workout.
I started this journey with a desire to heal my injuries, and hopefully stay strong and flexible to prevent future injuries. However, it is turning in to so much more. My strength and endurance have increased, and I genuinely enjoy my morning workout routines. The Gym in Alpine is a breath of fresh air for me. For any workout routine to be successful, you have to enjoy it, and that means finding a place to workout that feels right for you. I love the chillaxed atmosphere here. You check your ego at the door, you don’t see anyone flexing in the mirror (there are no mirrors), you work at your own pace, only competing against yourself and very quickly everyone has started to feel like extended family.
Thank you Todd, for creating a wonderful program and environment. I can’t wait to see what the next three months bring!

Brandon Kirby

Having been to other 'boxes', I really like the coaches here. They are just enough 'coach' to make sure you do the exercises the correct way (wont hurt yourself), and push you hard enough to make a difference. They will match your goals whether you are trying to compete in the Crossfit Games or just trying shave off those unwanted pounds you accumulated over the summer after BBQ's and cold beers. If you are thinking about it, but concerned because you have heard other Crossfit horror stories, stop by and talk to these guys.

Tamara Ripke

Best thing that I ever committed to! I am leaner, faster, and stronger! Thanks for kicking my butt Todd.

Zachary Korte

I always seem to do drop ins during particularly tough workouts and today was no exception. Todd and the girls kicked my butt today with "The 7s" WOD. Thanks for letting me WOD and get my functional fitness on with you all. Highly recommend giving them a try if you live in the Alpine area or are just dropping through on Vacay.

Danielle Wasson

I love The Gym in Alpine! Todd the owner and head trainer is amazing!! He is hilarious and fun to work with! I highly recommend this place.

Doug Hopper

Best routine I could've gotten myself into at 4:30am. People and coaches are great, encouraging, and a lot of fun.
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